Assessment and design


Depending on wether a site is intended for the general public or a precise sector, the means of communicating can vastly differ and our experts are ready to guide you. No worries, we will take care of finding the otimal solution adapted to both you and your audience. A few examples of a typical web site clientele can be : young adults, technical experts, couples, athletes, people in distress, as well as many others.

Once the appropriate means to spread the information is picked, several choices have to be mande, such as :

  • The various tasks essential to your site
  • The technology to be used
  • The ways of updating information and content
  • The frequency of the updates

Based on such aspects an ideal technological platform will be chosen, after wich the ergonomics of the web site will be conisdered, such as the general presentation ad disposal of the different components. We will then advise you with the most appropriate choices of templates and visual design.

Initial design

Following the requirements' assessment the general communicational methodology will be defined. based on the factors emerging from the project assessment these next choices must be done :

  • Define which goals should be put at foreground
  • Define, if need be, which promotions should be promoted and how they shoud be highlighted.
  • Chose the best way to create customer loyalty

Once again, or team is commited to guide you and recommend what is best for your project all along it's creation.

Template design

The main component blocks are then chosen, such as frames, pop-ups, articles and advertising, calendars, social media, google maps, and many others. It is important to keep in mind that depending on your needs certain elements may be unnecessary. Having too many modules onto a same page may do more harm then good. For this reason it is important to make a clear conscious choice on every aspect of the web design.

We can then decide on the graphical aspect and visual impact to adopt, such as :

  • The colour and positioning of the elements
  • The page layouts
  • The clarity and coherence of the information


As we say, one should never chose a technical approach before having the site layout in mind!

From this point on our experts will produce the HTML code according to the chosen templates. it is important to note that during the upcoming years a more and more important emphasis will be given to the web accessibility.