Frequently asked questions

Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Prices and packages

  • How do you calculate package prices?

    Prices vary according to efforts. In general, each 20 hours dedicated to computer graphics and content capture is charged $1,000. We consider efforts that go strictly into design and content capture. In reality such efforts will induce much more hours from our part that will go into configuration, unit testing and research.

  • Do you have only 3 packages?

    Since all sites are personalized, we have as many packages as we have customers! The packages listed in this website are actually the most common requirements from our customers. Our 3 packages thus represent three typical scenarios of web design, but any solution will be unique and tailored to your specific needs.

  • I fear spending too much. Does that mean I can not have a website?

    Since our solutions are customized, we will be able to make the necessary compromises to deliver a quality website within your budget.

  • Advantages

  • Why not take a 'free website builder' ?

    Because nothing is free. Free website builders will still charge you for hosting and renewing your domain name. Second, the free services do not take into account your specific needs. Choosing a prefabricated template may seem sufficient, but it takes experience to advise the best way to maximize the ROI of your website, and this type of consulting service is always charged by companies setting up the so-called free websites. We offer you a hassle free formula.

  • Do you offer the lest expensive hosting service?

    Considering your needs, yes. Nothing prevents you to host a site for sums as low as $1 or $2 per month, but some companies do it because they limit the number of access and dedicated resources to your site. However, being limited in terms of traffic allowed, your site may crash when a peak of visits occur, for example. And there is the quality of the hosting service itself : a service level of 95% surely does not cost as much as a service level of 99.99%. 5% may not seem like much, but in practice it is very significant when 5% of your customers do not reach your website because of the capacity of the servers on which they are hosted. Our prices guarantee a high level of service while remaining very affordable.

  • Choosing us

  • Why spend on a website?

    One of the most important aspects often ignored when setting up a website is to maximize its ROI. We will guide you to achieve the best possible way to target your audience. For this, only web specialists are able to do.

  • Why make a website with you?

    We will be able to design and maintain your website, unlike services intended for general public. With a guarantee of service, quality updates will be made transparently, and the content can easily evolve. We offer packages of manitenance thus covering all your needs at will.